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What is the meaning of LED bulb G4 and G9, and what is the difference?

2021-12-01 10:35:54

1. G4 and G9 refer to the pin types of different types of bulbs (lamp beads), G is a lamp holder lamp holder that represents two or more pins, and this used on the bulb refers to the type of bulb pin; The following 4 or 9 or 5.3, 6.35, etc. all refer to the distance between the center points of the pins. The standard measurement method is to use a caliper to measure the inner and outer distances of the two pins and divide them by 2. Just use any ruler to measure the center point of the feet. The difference between 4mm and 9mm is very far, and the difference can be measured.

2. For the current LED bulbs, most of them use G4 or G9. The difference between the two is very obvious. The most fundamental difference is that G4 can only be used for low voltage, because the distance between the pins is too close, so if your lamp is G4 Yes, then there must be a transformer in the ceiling of the lamp! And now G9 only has high voltage, that is, if your lamp is G9, there will be no transformer on the lamp.

3. From the appearance of G4, the two pins are very similar to embroidery needles. Of course, the volume of the bulb is also relatively small, while the two pins of G9 are like oval ring pins, not like needles. Prongs. Of course, the volume is slightly larger.

4. For a lamp produced by a regular manufacturer, according to national standards, no matter which country’s standard, it is required to affix the watt label, (or called the lamp cap parameter label), and the requirement is to be affixed to the customer before installing the bulb or changing the bulb. It must be easy to see when it is installed, and it is usually pasted near the lamp holder. If there is a parameter voltage description, how many volts is written on it? G4 can only be used for low voltage, and generally 12V is used, while for G9, because it is currently only used for high voltage, there are 110V 220V.

5. Also, if the lamp you bought was equipped with a bulb at the time, in addition to the distinction I said above, there should also be a parameter mark printed on the bulb, such as 12V 20W or 220V. 40W and so on. If you can’t see the characters on one bulb, you can look at the characters on other bulbs. If all the characters are not printed, then the quality of the lamp you buy is too unguaranteed. In fact, there are also JC bulbs for G4 bulbs (referring to capsule halogen bulbs).

6. Again, I would like to remind you that when you buy a replacement bulb, you should pay attention that in addition to the same model as the rated one, the power of the bulb cannot be greater than the rated power. For example, the G4 bulb is equipped with a transformer. If you replace the bulb If it is larger than the rated value, the transformer will not be able to withstand it, and it will easily cause the transformer to burn out.