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What is the meaning of g9 light source?

2022-05-31 09:19:20

G9 light source is the head model G9 LED light source, g9 refers to the lamp (lamp beads) pin type, G9 light source pin U-shaped design, the distance between the two pins in about 9 mm. The G9 light source has a U-shaped design with a distance between the two pins of about 9 mm. Nowadays, the decorative lamps and lanterns on the market are basically G9 light sources with pins.


Light emitting diode is a commonly used light emitting device that releases energy through the compounding of electrons and holes, which is widely used in the field of lighting. Light-emitting diodes can efficiently convert electrical energy into light energy, and have a wide range of uses in modern society, such as lighting, flat panel displays, medical devices, etc.

This electronic component appeared as early as 1962, the early can only emit low luminosity of red light, after the development of other monochromatic light version, and today can emit light has been throughout the visible, infrared and ultraviolet light, luminosity also increased to a considerable luminosity. And the use of the initial as an indicator, display board, etc.; with the continuous progress of technology, light-emitting diodes have been widely used in displays and lighting.

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