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Features of Smart Lighting Control System Are Smart Bulbs Worth Buying?

2022-06-21 06:02:37

The intelligent lighting system is based on the power line network, using the power line carrier technology and the power line information transmission X10 protocol, to realize telephone remote control, centralized control, wireless remote control, computer control, timing control, network control and other control methods, and provide lighting soft start, Intelligent operation and management such as dimming, brightness memory, scene memory, etc.

While retaining the functions and characteristics of ordinary switches, the system responds to various control methods such as telephone remote control, centralized control, wireless remote control, computer control, timing control, network control, etc. The following three advantages:

A. Soft start of the light: When the light is turned on, the light is slowly turned on, and when the light is turned off, the light is slowly extinguished, which eliminates the irritation of the eyes caused by the sudden change of light, which protects the eyes and reduces the impact of the current on the temperature of the filament. , Extend the service life of lamps and protect the bulbs.

B. Brightness adjustment: The brightness of the light can be adjusted arbitrarily, so as to cooperate with various family scene settings to create more warm and romantic scene atmosphere for you and your family.

C. Memory function: The computer will automatically remember the lighting effect set when the light was turned on the previous time, making the operation of the intelligent lighting system more humane.

D. Scene function: As long as you press a button, you can get the desired combination scene of lights and electrical appliances, such as home mode, leaving home mode, guest mode, dining mode, theater mode, couple night chat, night mode Etc., take the living room as an example. As a place for family activities, it is generally equipped with chandeliers, spotlights, wall lamps, downlights, etc. Different lights can be used to match each other to produce different lighting effects, such as leisure, entertainment, TV, meeting, etc. Customer and other scene modes are available for selection at any time. For example: set the guest mode as 80% on the chandelier, 60% on the wall lamp, 80% on the downlight; watch TV scene: 20% on the chandelier, 40% on the wall lamp, and 10% on the downlight, because the dimming control is used, the lighting The illuminance can have a gradual process, and through the remote control or on-site control through the panel, the scene can be changed at will, creating a warm, sloppy and elegant lighting environment.

The intelligent lighting system is not completely independent, and its function implementation needs to be displayed with various control subsystems. For the convenience of sorting, we only list the signal receiving equipment directly connected to various lighting equipment as related products of this system. From the appearance, these products can be divided into crystal series network switches, Sail series network switches, network switch modules, and plug-in light modules.

From the wiring structure, it is divided into zero fire and single fire.

1. Advantages of smart bulbs: remote control scene DIY

Turn on the lights on the way home

After get off work, you can turn on the lights at home on the road, even when you are alone, you will have a warm feeling of family waiting for you at home. Using the mobile phone, you can check the dynamics of the lights at home at any time, which is very suitable for families with children or married. You can use the indoor electricity consumption to know in time whether your partner and children are home safely.


Fun toys for kids and youth

As a smart enthusiast, when I bought back the smart light bulb, I just wanted to try it out, and by the way, I communicated with the netizens about the experience of using it. I didn’t expect the children to play more vigorously than me, and they would also discuss its use experience and so on. , smart light bulbs are also a good choice as toys.

Energy saving effect is obvious

Versatile and practical geometric smart bulbs are worth buying

The price difference between smart bulbs and ordinary LED lights is not much, but it is still obvious in terms of power saving. An LED light source lamp consumes no more than 10W of electricity, and its lifespan can exceed 80,000 hours, and the product itself is also green and environmentally friendly, suitable for long-term use.

Indoor scene DIY

When there are friends at home gathering, the use of smart light bulbs can change the light configuration of the home at any time, the colored lights are matched with different feelings, and there is a party feeling when gathering with friends. Generally, colored lights are not specially installed in the home, and the smart bulbs can be freely changed and are very convenient to use in different scenarios.