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A complete list of 30 recommended smart devices and smart bulbs for smart home systems in 2022

2022-04-03 23:03:51

Smart home systems, generally built around the following three intelligent voice systems.

Amazon Alexa

Google Assistant

Apple Siri

Various smart home devices will try to be compatible with these three intelligent voice control systems. So when you choose to build a smart home system, you need to decide which voice system to use first, so that you can buy smart devices that support it.

A smart home system, in English Smart Home or Home Automation, is a system that uses smart devices and intelligent controls to manage home equipment, allowing for voice control, mobile app control, automation, or artificial intelligence.

Therefore, a complete smart home system often includes the following devices.

Intelligent voice control systems

Smart light bulbs

Smart motion sensors

Smart sockets

Smart door locks

Smart Doorbell

Smart Temperature Control System

Smart Grid WiFi System

Smart Security System / Camera

Smart Humidifier / Aromatherapy Diffuser

Smart Floor Sweeper

Smart TV Accessories

Smart Audio

Smart Air Purifier/Fan

Smart Kitchenware

Smart Voice Control Devices

Intelligent voice-controlled systems are mainly ruled by three giants: Amazon Alexa system, Google Assistant system and Apple Siri system.


Below, we detail these three smart voice-controlled devices.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is the world's first intelligent voice-controlled system, having been developed by Amazon in Silicon Valley, California, in 2010. The first generation of Amazon Echo was released in March 2014 and has since quickly made its way into US homes. Amazon has continued to upgrade its Amazon Echo products, from the earliest voice-only Amazon Echo to the latest camera-equipped, video-conversation-enabled Echo Show.

The release of the 1st generation Amazon Echo by Amazon in March 2014.

March 2016, the release of Amazon's smaller version of the Echo Dot.

in April 2017, Amazon launched the Echo Look, adding a built-in camera

in June 2018, Amazon launched the Echo Show, with a display that can be used to watch videos, and make video calls

There are at least six different types of Amazon Echo: Echo Flex, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Studio, Echo Dot, and Echo Show, each with Amazon Alexa built in for easy smart voice control as the heart of a home intelligence system.

Google Nest

Google Home, the smart voice-controlled system from Google, was renamed Google Nest in 2019. The earliest Google Home was released in November 2016, a full two and a half years after Amazon Echo. The earliest Google Home has been withdrawn from the market and replaced by the latest Google Nest range. Current mainstays include the Nest Mini, Nest Hub, and Nest Hub Max.

Google Nest has grown rapidly and continues to add new features to its smart, voice-activated devices. 2019 sees the release of the latest Nest Hub Max, which adds a camera and a larger display to make smart operation even easier.

Apple HomePod

Apple's approach to smart control differs from the aforementioned Google and Amazon.

Google and Amazon both have voice-activated devices at the heart of their smart controls.

Apple is focusing on mobile control, iPad control and TV control (Apple TV) as the core of smart control, so Apple's voice-activated device, HomePod, will not be released until 2018.

The Apple HomePod has Siri voice control built in and a processor with an A8 chip and 1GB of memory for superior performance. This HomePad integrates with Apple Music, so if you're an Apple Music user, then this is the one for you. homePad can be the heart of Apple's HomeKit smart home.

The smart light bulb allows you to control the light on/off, adjust the light level and set the automatic light on time using voice control or the mobile app for full automatic control. Imagine whispering "Turn off all lights" into your Echo on your bedside table before you go to bed and all the lights in your home turn off instantly. It's really convenient too!

 Led RGB Smart Bulb also supports Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa direct control, up to 40,000 hours of life, support 350lm, 450lm, 850lm, 1100lm and other lumen, provide 9W, 12W, 90W, 120W and other smart bulb power options. Adjustable colour temperature, wide voltage intelligent bulb. And can be customized according to demand parameters OEM.

The AW Smart WiFi Light Led RGB Smart Bulb range offers white and various coloured light effects through intelligent control of the effects.